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Nestled in the foothills of the Darjeeling Himalayas between Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary and the bustling town of Siliguri, Mohorgong T.E. was established in 1886 by pioneer Indian planter, Biprodas Palchoudhuri. In 1930, his son Amiyo expanded the family estate by acquiring the adjoining Gulma T.E. from a British company. Thousands of families from the Eastern Himalayas and Chota Nagpur Plateau moved to Mohorgong and Gulma to join the enterprise. Little did the colonial planters know that the difficult terrain that they rejected, had the capacity to produce teas that combined the classic aromas of Darjeeling with the fullness of the richly mineralised Terai foothills. Today, through the joint efforts of a dedicated management team and four generations of owners and workers, the estate annually produces over 700 million cups of the finest tea.

Specially packed within hours of manufacture – we are proud to bring the freshness and variety of our teas directly to the consumer. Savour theflavours from bush to cup!


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